Whgaragesalesignether you are 10, 20, or 60 years old you always get that special feeling when you find that perfect item at a garage sale that you have been looking for forever.

Every year it is always something different at garage sales. For me, this year it is a recliner because my good used one that I have had for about 10 yrs now just broke recently. So no I look on Craigslist every day for chairs and if I happen to hear about a garage sale that might have a chair I go check it out.

I still like to look at certain items like broken beads (no they aren’t really broken – that’s just the term they use for loose beads in a bag) and various kitchen item. People like to declutter their houses pretty much any time of the year so it is always a great place to find those hard to find items.

So this weekend when you go out for that quest for the garage sale find remember there are no rules; just go out and have fun while you hunt for the perfect find and if you do, post a pic below with a comment and tell us your story about your perfect garage sale find!

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Written by the www.garagesaleindustry.com team!